Appeal 2020 - Tri-ed and Tested!

Mimi's Appeal Newsletter can be found at: PDF iconNewsletter 2020.pdf

President Mimi Avery writes:

It all began on May13th - I had an idea…I realised that the Bristol Tough Runner Sprint Triathlon was due to happen on May17th    I was signed up but it had been cancelled.

I also realised that during this lockdown I had been doing enough running to count as training for the Sprint Tri. so I resurrected the Just Giving sponsorship page and on May 14th put the following out on Social Media…

“Ok so this isn’t going to be a tough runner... no one will time my transitions, I will be in a private pool not the Bristol Harbour... but I am the President of the Dolphin Society (nothing to do with actual dolphins) and we do so much to support the isolated and elderly in Bristol that I really wanted to get fit enough to do this sporting event. Yesterday I realised that I was, the race was due to be this Sunday... and now more than ever the Dolphin Society needs funds, so if anyone wants to sponsor me, please feel free. Mum will be my adjudicator, and I will try and remember to record my time over each section. I will be safe, and think it will take around 3 hours. Well I’ve put it out there now, so I had better do it!”

On Saturday I had packed my kit bags for the 2 transitions, sorted my diet plan for the morning (thanks Gerhard) roped Sue in to being my cycle buddy (2 metres apart)... it looked like it was actually happening!!! I’d told everyone that I would post after the event... and try and remember to stop and take photos... no, not just an excuse for a breather.!

So I survived! It was a beautiful day, some great helpful hints yesterday meant my food and drink intake was much better than usual, 88 lengths of a 9m pool in 20 mins (a lot of turns!!!), 1hr for 20km bike ride and 33 mins for 5km run, the fastest I have ever done, with only 500m of jelly legs.

But it was a lovely morning, I hadn’t been swimming in ages and had never been to Blagdon Lake! To top it all the run was the best yet (the flattest too) –  thank you to everyone who has supported me.

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